Simon Renard

I’m looking for an internship at a bank in Asia

About Me

Who am I? I am young and motivated to work and learn a lot of things. I would like to discover the world of finance through an internship as part of my gap year. I would like to do this internship at a bank in Asia. I’m curious and open-minded. I like to exchange ideas and make my own decisions, even if it’s the opposite of others. I like working on interesting and challenging subjects.

What did I do before?

I am business student in Paris. Since my childhood, I have travelled a lot around the world, for example in Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Thailand, Vietnam, Scandinavia and Europe. In addition to studying, I also work from time to time on the weekends at my godfather’s catering company. That allows me to learn new things more anchored in the professional world. Last summer, I did an Internship at “Nicolas” a French winery chain. I was the cellar manager at a wine store. It was very rewarding because I had a lot of responsibility. It allowed me to become versatile.